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Shirai Aya

Violonchellist, Japan

Shirai Aya was born in May 23rd, 1986 in Japan. Started playing the piano and violin at 3. At 12 she changed learnt to play the cello. At 15 she got encouragement award at Sapporo Junior Cello competition. She graduated from Kita Kamakura Girls high school music department. Then she combined studies at Liszt Ferenc Academy and university in Japan. After coming back to Japan from Budapest, she graduated from Tokyo university art department of music. She was selected for Tokyo university of art, regular chamber music concert as string quartet member. Returned to Hungary in 2011, and graduated from Liszt Ferenc academy as Master (MA). She had a diploma concert at Nagy Terem of Liszt Ferenc Academy in May, 2014. She studied with Onczay Csaba, Mezö Marta, Kono Fumiaki, Syoichi Saito, Maeda Masatoshi as cello class, and with Gulyás Marta, Botvay Károly, Dévich Sandór, Perényi Miklós, Hargitai Bence, Yamazaku Nobuko, Okayama Kiyoshi, Shirai Eiji as chamber music, and with Emilio Colón as cello master class.

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