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Kyoko Mori

Pianist, Japan

Born in Aichi,Okazaki-city, in Japan. Since 3 years old, playing the piano. Studying under Miss Midori Sano. Got a 1st prize at ‘’The 47 th All-Japan-Student-Competition, Piano Nagoya - department. Move to Tokyo and study at TOHO-High-School and TOHO-University, Piano-department, and got a BA degree. Studying under Miss Sadako Matsuoka. Played with Aichi-Gakuyu-Kyokai-Orchestra at ‘’The Concert Hall’’ in Nagoya-city. (Liszt, Piano concert, no.1) Move to Hungary, studying at Liszt-Ferenc-Music-Academy. Studying under Mr.Both. Lehel, Mr.Hargitai Imre, Mr.Drafi Kalman.(solo) Studying Chambermusic under Mr.Kiss Gyula, Miss Gulyas Marta, Mr.Hargitai Imre. Played at various concert in Hungary, in Budapest, Nyiregihaza, Veszprem, Heviz as a Solo and Chamber music player. In 2014, played with Duna-Symphony-Orchestra at Duna-Palota, Budapest (Schumann Piano Concert)


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