"Live with great expectations and great things will happen."

Art Fettig

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Beauty: literary yours

Russia: changing faces


Urban aperitifs in Russian
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Artisans of hope




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So!Art is a european association for professionals, offering educational programmes, trainings, consulting services, workshops and conferences in the following spheres:


- communication
- languages
- art
- music
- cinema
- theatre
- journalism
- international relations
- management


Among our partners there are famous European experts. Their professionalism and skills is a valuable experience for our customers, wishing to acquire practical experience and refresh their knowledge in conformity with European tendencies.
One of So!Art’s prerogatives is creating socio-cultural projects, workshops and programms, expected to strengthen intercultural ties between different kinds of communications, creativity, self-expression and exchange of experience between citizens of the EU countries and Russia. Monthly So!Art’s thematic activities and workshops offer diverse range of specific skills, aimed at acquiring knowledge on different fields.