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The Artisans of Hope is a project which aims to establish a International Stimulation Techniques platform, which will be located in Belgium, for children and parents who are interested in learning creative and functional techniques to care for their children with motor disabilities.

The project “Artisans of hope” is aimed at bringing together cross-border experience and socialization, teaching skills relating to independence and physical stimulation for children with neurological and physical disorders. The experience of different countries demonstrates that at present there exist plenty of techniques and programmes to help rehabilitate children’s lost functions owing to neurological disorders. Organizing intensive courses and programmes with international experts is the main aim of the project, initiated by the European socio-cultural association So!Art. Recently, we organised a conference with leading specialists from Hungary, France and Belgium in Perm (Russia) devoted to the principles and methodology of using a conductive pedagogical approach as an efficient way to assist the physical rehabilitation of children with neurological disorders. In addition, consultations with a specialist-conductor (Institute Peto, Hungary) were held at the Perm Rehabilitation Centre.

More information about the project: VKFacebookArtisans of hope project.pdf, www.artisansdelespoir.wordpress.com









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"Dream ski" is the first Russian programme of rehablitation of people with limited abilities through doing sport. The organiser of the programme is Sergey Belogolovtsev, the actor and his wife Natalia, inspited by the results of their son Evgeniy's studies, 26 years old who has a motor cerebral paralysis, tetraparesis, conseguences of brain coma and four defects. They came to the conclusion that even a short course of mountainskiing (2-3 weeks, 10-15 lessons) under a special methodics provides n incredible therapeutic effect which is much better compared to traditional methodics taking far more time.


Art worksops of So!Art are creative lessons, specified for children aged 5 – 12 where they will master such artistic skills as:

  • Basics of animation
  • Making templates, aerography
  • Modeling from coloured salt
  • Acquaintance with a perspective
  • Mixing colours
  • Papier mache
  • Drawing characters

The specific feature of artistic workshops of So!Art is making new technologies happen in practice. Lessons are organised in form of cycles, devoted to mastering of a certain artistic skill. In the end of each cycle children make a project – illustrative example of the acquired technique. All projects will be presented on the website of So!Art and those of partners’.

Lessons are held on Wednesdays from 2 to 4 pm.

Radio performance “Space: following the pioneers’ footsteps”

So!Art jointly with the fund “Russian World”, Belgian radio station Vibration. Brussels association Eacere and the Royal Observatory in Brussels held an educating programme for children “Space: following the pioneers’ footsteps”.

The final stage of the programme was a radio performance prepared by children in Russian. The performance which script was under the responsibility of little participants of the project was realized under the guidance of a teacher of school “Small geniuses” Alla Talpa and the association So!Art and also with the participation of a scientist-astrophysicist of Brussels Observatory Andrey Zhukov. In the course of the programme children saw a performance in the Russian language in Brussels planetarium and recorded the final performance about exploration of space in a professional studio of the radio station Vibration.

Kristina, Valera, Alan, Ruslan, Denis, Juliet, Mark, Gordon Gabriel, Mitya and Egor are preparing for the start! We will tell you about their unbelievable adventures very soon and now we wish them a happy journey! Hurray! “Space: following the pioneers’ footsteps” was launched on 26th February!

Alla Talpa, one of the organizers of the project “Space: following the pioneers’ footsteps” said, “The format of the radio air promotes speech and psychological liberation of a child and work on the script develops imagination”.

Alla is a teacher of 25 years of experience. Along with the work of a specialist of the Russian language in the European Commission in Brussels, she teaches at school for Russian-speaking children “Small geniuses”. For a while she worked as an editor in a Moldavian film studio and closely collaborated with Mosfilm studio where she translated scripts and took part in shooting feature films. She is fond of documentaries and trips to cinema festivals.

Project “Fairytale”

A book from a series “Your fairytale” is the best present for your child. In books of this series the main character is your kid. And any child will read a book about himself/herself with great interest. Indeed it is with he/she who will get into all the adventures and a wonderful story. It is he who will save, fly away, do, unmask, find and win! The book from the series “Your fairytale” is made up individually for your child, taking into account his/her age, interests and likes. Together with a child other members of a family, friends and pets can take part in adventures! Action of a fairytale can take place in your native town, as well as on the Moon – everything depends on a child’s interests, your wishes and the author’s fantasy. In the book there can be touched problems of understanding between parents and children, problems connected with studies, communication with teachers and peers. So books from the series “Your fairytale” is kind of auxiliary fairytale material for communication with a child.



Radio "MUZcardinFM" is a children's radio section where children can get acquianted with and carry out experiments with latest radio technologies. The aim of the workshop is to develop skills of self-expression through lessons in a group, learn to create, write down and compose materials, master skills of installation and overlay of radio effects. lessons are conducted on Saturdays, in Russian and French We are waiting for you, young radio lovers!