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Urban aperitifs in Russian
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Charity concert. Buda castle, Budapest

Welcome to Buda Castle on 22d of November in Budapest !This charity concert is organised in support of children with cerebral palsy ( Artisans of hope project).These children pratice conductive education, hungarian rehabilitation method which is believed to be one of the most successful rehabilitation when it comes to addressing motor disorders.Excellent International solists, 3 artists from Japan with Hungarian musical backstage,Russian and Austrian musicians will express their talents and charity feelings through common concert in support of our project!What an experience to share and to give more self-confidence to children!




Millenium International Documentary film festival 2015 in Brussels

The association So!Art is an official partner of the international festival of documentary films Millenium in Brussels. This year So!Art offers you its programme of Russian-speaking films in framework of the international festival of documentary films Millenium in Brussels. We are looking forward to seeing you at the shows which we organized at the most distinctive cinemas of the city.






Apero slave en musique

Association So!Art presented an authentic Slavic party to the citizens of a medieval town La Charite-Sur-Loire in France. Romances to the accordion in the Russian language performed by a singer from Paris Ada Berendt conquered hearts of Burgundy music lovers and allowed them make sure that a dialogue of cultures is the best way of communication.






Concert pour les enfants handicapés moteurs à Pouilly-sur-Loire

The singer and actress Ada Berendt made children happy by singing cheerful Parisian songs to the accordion, performing with an exclusive concert which was organized by So!Art in the centre of Conductive Pedagogics EHM in Burgundy, France.







Duo de violons

A remarkable musical journey to European historical epochs. Works by Telemann, Haydn, Mozart, Tchaikovsky by a violin duo Maiia Shwarzman and Olga Zolotariova in So!Art (Marcel Astir‘s workshop) in Brussels.







Urban Aperitif in Russian #4

Cesilia Kalisa, a singer of Russian-African origin, conquered the hearts of lovers of really good and soulful music by her creation in Belgium.  She has a dramatic voice (soprano) and the range of her voice is three and a half octaves. You always find current problems and her songs and love, according to the singer is the feeling which will eternally live among people. In her repertoire there are different pieces of music: opera arias, French, German, Brazilian songs, spiritual music and, certainly, Russian romances.





Urban Aperitif in Russian #3

Russian romances to the accordion are a wonderful way to plunge into the atmosphere of the Silver Age in Russia. Tasting of air marshmallows and cranberry punch as a pledge of an unrepeatable party in company of a Parisian singer and actress Ada Berendt.







Urban Aperitif in Russian #2

A unique opportunity to speak Russian in a relaxed atmosphere at the same time tasting delicious national snacks.


"Little Marseille" Urban Aperitif

Anisic aperitif, tender Provence snacks, a boat trip along Cote d'Azur, a tuneful French accordion, air travel over the Pyrenees,  style de vie du Sud de la France – all this is an Urban Aperitif "Little Marseille" with the connoisseur of French literature and Russian culture Julien Maridet.







British Urban Aperitif

5 o’clock tea as well as other hot drinks, British national extravagancies. We took a ride on the roller coaster London Eye, learnt why the guards of the Tower of London are called beefeaters, went on excursion round London on a red double-decker and met an outstanding creative person, director, actor and just Englishman Leon Cane.

African Urban Aperitif

An African aperitif from So!Art, which melt the half of a snow cover of Perm city was held exactly on the Day of All Lovers, 14 February. Vincent Cornelius Ezinwa, our guest from a hot Nigeria told a story in Russian about how Africa lived and what it thought about. And after energetic African dances and performance on traditional instruments in the gallery Tamburinn our guests cooled down by sunny cocktails on the basis of rum and also remarkable chocolate and fruit desserts.

Belgian Christmas Urban Aperitif

More than 30 guests from over 8 different countries and towns: the Crimea, Volgograd, France, Belgium, Nigeria, Italy, Ekaterinburg. And certainly Perm… Intercultural atmosphere turned the beautiful gallery into an international platform this frosty snowy evening in Perm! The guest from Brussels, Daria Gissot, a journalist and communications expert, presented interesting facts about Belgian culture in the form of extracts from her self-made films and reports.






Polish Urban Aperitif: from Poland with love

The special guest Yazek Shimorek, a teacher of Polish and at the same time a big over of Russian lyrical art, represented in his small presentation the main tendencies of Polish traditions. Flavoured “zubrovka” and Krakow sausage harmonically add to the intriguing story about national holidays of his native country, traditions of hospitality, European heritage of polish towns and music tendencies.






Association So!Art and the the Festival of a Documentary Cinema Millenium in Brussels present a special demostration of a documentary film "Liosha", director Elena Demidova.

Summer 2010. The entire central part of Russia is covered with fire. About 130 villages and small towns have been burnt. Towns and roads turned to be in thick and bitter smoke. The author of the film together with the volunteers set off to the very epicentre of the events. Liosha's story is a story of a person who talks about his village. he is not a hero in the usual sense of the word, it is just his life and his story. (Length - 32 min)

After the demostration we will discuss this film with a Russian film director, leader of a Russian Festival of Documentary Cinema "Flaertiana", Pavel Pechionkin.

A week before the demonstration in Brussels we decided to meet with Elena in Moscow to learn what most impressed her in her work on the film...

Elena Demidova about her film "Liosha". Specially for So!Art

Ballets Russes à la Librarie du Globe (Paris) par So!Art

Within the framework of a tour of Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre named after P.I.Tchaikovsky a meeting with Oleg Levenkov, a former soloist of Perm ballet cast and the author of the biography about George Balanchin (Perm, publishing house "Knizhnyi Mir", 2007) has been held.







Concerts of the french music group Vendeurs d'enclumes in Moscow (club Gogol and cafe OGI)

The French sextet originated from the centre France (Orleans) has been developping an intrigant universe for the last past 10 years. From classical music influences to jazzy vibrations, the band takes on the energy of true rock to deliver frantic (french-spoken) songs and live experiences. Torrents of notes emerging from saxophones, guitars, accordion, drums and bass lines flood around Valerian Renault's voice and words. Then poetry confronts and battle-rhymes with sillyness, life and accidently... love.





So!Art intercultural laboratories at European Social Forum 2003

Participation in meetings and debates with representatives NPO and trade union organisations from different countries (total number of participants is over 40 000 people).