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Beauty: literary yours

Russia: changing faces


Urban aperitifs in Russian
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Artisans of hope




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Our bank references for your donations :

Account number: BE31 0016 5604 7755
Code bic: GEBABEBB
Name: So!Art asbl



One of activities of So!Art is consultations in the field of education in the European Union countries. We represent qualified assistance in the following directions:

- Writing motivation letters and resumes in official languages of the EU

- Consultations and support in choosing educational establishments for beginning or continuation of studies in the EU countries

- Preparation of interview on the official languages of the EU

- Help in searching of traneeships in different professions in the EU countries.

Write e-mails to us: info.soart.org@gmail.com

Perm Krai International: Young journalists at school

The main aim of the project Perm Krai International is to inform about your town with the help of journalists’ materials with the eyes of a young generation and also guests of your town. It is these two audiences who have perfectly fresh look at the reality. All materials are written by 17-year –old teenagers, students of schools in Perm city. The “pioneers” of Perm Krai International became the students of school #22. During a half of a year of existence of the project over 15 master classes on journalism in French were held.


Discovering EU Institutions

"Discovering EU Institutions" is a series of traineeships in the EU institutes for students from Russian regions in the framework of which they visited master classes in the main EU institutes in Brussels: the EU Council, Euro commission  and Euro parliament.

Students learnt the specifics of work of the main EU structures, took part in the conference of Euro parliament on the civil initiative and pluralism in mass media. Personally communicated with some deputies of the Euro parliament, held a series of press-conferences with European officials from the Committee on international relations and culture. In the framework of the traineeship students visited big Belgium towns such as Gent, Ostende and Brugge, exchanged the experience with students of Belgium Art School, visited festivals and concerts.

Participants of the project prepared articles and reports about their trip in French, having located them in the blog of their colleagues young journalists from the project.



Our new express-course "Prose workshop" will be the first in the winter cycle "Russian literary mastership: mysteries and secrets".

19/02/2011   Prose workshop



19/02/2011, Saturday, from 11:00 tо 17:00
Who: the masterclass is given by writer, poet and essayist Kassian Berendt (Rheims, France)
Where: the meeting will take place in the reading room of the cafe "La fleur en papier doré" (Rue des Alexiens 55, 1000 Bruxelles)
Admission: €15 / €10 for students







Would you like to acquire a new view on beauty? Do you have a busy schedule and no time for lasting educating programmes? Does your knowledge need practice? Do you wish to watch the world through the lense of European tendencies?

One of ways is to do specially designed short courses on Art in Europe.

So ! Art courses are taught by leading European art experts whose experience and skills are provided in the form of practical lessons. All experts of the association are active representatives of art market in Europe. Its programmmes give an access to unique knowledge, taking into account the most fashionable and relevant tendencies of European world of art. All classes are held directly in experts' studios amd galleries. Along with these programmes the participants are provided with the opportunity to do experiments and practise on certain objects under the careful guide of their expert teachers. Each course includes a special event according to the theme of the chosen course. The length of each course - 30 academic hours. Classes are held in groups of 3-5 people.

01/03/2011 Antiques: art of collecting



01/03/2011 - 06/03/2011
Who: владельцы антикварных галерей : г-н Kestemont, г-н Knott, владельцы мастерской Adragante, коллекционер антиквариата г-н Costermans, представитель Sotheby’s в Бельгии и др.
Where: особняк семьи коллекционеров Costermans (Брюссель), аукционный дом Sotheby’s (Брюссель),закрытый зал для экспертизы предметов искусства (Лувр,Париж) и  т.д.
В недельном экспресс-курсе  также предусмотрен  приватный бранч с представителями брюссельского Дома коллекционеров.
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14/03/2011 Design: interior as art



14/03/2011 - 20/03/2011
Who: дизайнеры интерьера компании Flamant Home Interiors,  дизайнеры мебели компании La Roche Bobois, специалисты по колористике компании Sikkens, архитектуре и декорированию, историки стилей, профессионалы концептуального и экологического дизайна.
Where: студия дизайна Flamant Home Interiors, специально предоставленные  пространства (квартира,студия,загородный дом)  для практики полученных во время курса навыков и т.д.
В недельном экспресс-курсе  также предусмотрен обед в гостях у одного из модных дизайнеров в г.Гент (Бельгия)
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22/03/2011 Modern art: latest European tendencies



22/03/2011 - 30/03/2011
Who: галеристы и владельцы Allaerts, Contrast Gallery, Harold t’Kint de Roodenbeke и т.д., известные европейские художники и мастера инсталляции,специалисты по оценке современного арт-рынка из ведущих аукционных домов, историки искусства.
Where: лофт, предоставленный музеем современного искусства (Брюссель), резиденция-мастерская современных художников, галереи коллекционеров по современному искусству.
В недельном экспресс-курсе  также предусмотрено посещение частного вернисажа в сопровождении известного французского инсталлятора.
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