"Live with great expectations and great things will happen."

Art Fettig

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Russia: changing faces


Urban aperitifs in Russian
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Artists, writers, public figures - the main what unites them is knowledge of the business and professinalism. Representatives of So!Art society are people of art. Learn more about them, their creative works and interests.

Kasian Berendt
Writer, Reims

Piotre Frolov
Painter, Saint-Petersburg

Katell Desnos
Actress, Charite-sur-Loire

Marcel Astir
Painter, Bruxelles

Julia Voznessenskaya
Writer, Moscow

Maya Shvartzman
Violinist, Gent

Artyom Bronnikov
Gallerist, Perm

Regina Husnullina
Singer, Budapest

Ada Berendt
Musician, Lyon

Olga Zolotareva
Violinist, Gent

Eve Domi
Painter, Charite-sur-Loire

Sessilia Kalisa
Singer, Bruxelles

Lena Kaufman
Singer, Moscow

Dmitri Smirnov
Actor, Paris

Clovis Fouin
Actor, Paris

Dzhovalin Nonadzh
Musician, Bruxelles

Olga Bobrovnikova
Pianist, public figure, Bruxelles

Sayana Chankova
Violinist, Bruxelles

Nadja Maire
Actress, Paris

Ksavier Lukomski
Stage director, Bruxelles

Irene Savelieva
Pianist, Budapest

Nicolai Ageev
Сlarinettist, Moscow

Evgen Khmara
Pianist, Ukraine

Ádám Szentannai
Violonchellist,  Budapest

Yayoi Nakajima
Violinist, Japan

Kyoko Mori
Pianist, Japan

Shirai Aya
Violonchellist, Japan

Duo, Budapest

Alexandr Poushkin

Founder of the Fund named

after A.S.Pushkin, Brussels

Dosztan Denes
Violinist, pianist, Hungary-Belgium

Daria Lapina
Ex-principal dancer, founder of the ballet studio DANCE asbl, Brussels

Nikolay Shugaev
Cellist, Switzerland

Tatiana Tchernysheva
Opera Singer, Brussels